Empowering 'ONE' New Life: Our Dynamic Progress towards BSG Vision 2030: Have you identified that 'ONE' new life you will introduce to the Soka Gakkai and foster towards July 3rd, 2023? Learn more

Empowering ‘ONE’ New LifeOur Dynamic Progress towards BSG Vision 2030

“Our efforts to spread the Mystic Law contain every aspect of Buddhist practice and are the highest expression of faith.” (Jan 2021 VC, Pg. 24)

“…as the proverb, ‘One is the mother of ten thousand’ indicates, through concrete actions to reach out to help one individual, we affect all living beings. Helping relieve the suffering of someone you know leads to the relief of the sufferings of all people.” (Apr 2022 VC, Pg. 32)

“Reaching out to the person in front of us, engaging with them, giving them hope and courage for living, and empowering them to attain happiness through their own efforts — this is truly the definition of a world religion.” (SGI NL 8885)

Our Shared Goal

How can we relieve the suffering present in today’s society? It is the mission of Soka Gakkai to awaken people to the unlimited potential inherent in their own lives. Genuine compassion is about empowering others.

Everything starts with ONE person. Enabling even one person to anchor their lives on the mystic law is the start of the great transformation of the world. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson [summing up the starfish story], “If we can touch one person’s life and save that life, that is the great change we can effect.”

Towards July 3rd, 2023 each BSG member will ‘empower ONE new life’ by introducing ONE person to Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism, helping that life to learn Gongyo, chant regularly, study basics of faith, support them to participate in Gakkai activities and connect them to Ikeda Sensei, thereby deepening their faith in the Gohonzon.

As each BSG member strives to empower that ONE new life, we ourselves will be able to practice the essence of the Daishonin’s Buddhism and experience true joy of encountering this wonderful life philosophy. By carrying out actions for the sake of that ONE new life, we will strengthen and solidify the life state of Buddhahood in our own life.

BSG Vision 2030

Ikeda Sensei says: “I hope that the members of BSG, whom I look up to with utmost trust and expectations, will engrave a new history of growth and development with an ever-youthful spirit, great cheer and the world’s foremost harmony as you advance towards the centennial of the Soka Gakkai’s founding and the 70th anniversary of Asian kosen-rufu. Together, let’s adorn our lives with unsurpassed hope and victory.” (Ikeda Sensei’s Message for BSG Special Meeting held on 7th February 2021 commemorating the 60th Anniversary of Asian Kosen-rufu).

Carrying this Message in our hearts, let’s take complete responsibility and fulfil this unique mission bequeathed to us by our mentor. The key to realising this grand vision by 2030 is to advance one in mind with Ikeda Sensei and reach out to each precious member with the spirit of ‘cherishing each single individual in front of us’.

The time has come for each one of us to stand up with the spirit of “I am that One Disciple”, “I am Shin’ichi Yamamoto” and boldly advance and create a new history of unprecedented growth and development.

We would like to introduce 6 broad goals as we advance unitedly towards realising BSG Vision 2030:

1. Expansion of BSG Membership:

The 1st point in BSG Vision 2030 - towards laying a solid foundation for the advancement of Kosen-rufu - is to achieve a membership goal of 1 million (10 lakh) members by the year 2030. We will achieve this membership goal in perfect harmony with the Indian society without any conflict or friction, basing our actions on the principle of ‘cherishing each single individual in front of us’. BSG will always be positioned as the organisation practising humanistic philosophy which is for the happiness of the people.

2. Fostering Capable Leaders

The 2nd point in BSG Vision 2030 is to foster capable leaders. Capable leaders are those who are one in mind with the mentor, those who have an unyielding commitment, an all-embracing spirit, those who will fight without begrudging their lives, those who will take personal ownership for advancing kosen-rufu. The focus will be on fostering leadership in the Youth Division, Student Division and Future Division.

3. Contribution

The 3rd point in BSG Vision 2030 is to widely increase the understanding regarding the true spirit of contribution amongst all the members. As the organization grows, financial contribution becomes increasingly important. Our sincere endeavour will be to enable the members to have a keen understanding of this important point and contribute joyfully with a deep sense of gratitude and commitment to advance kosen-rufu.

4. Construction of New Culture Centres

The 4th point in BSG Vision 2030 is to have at least 1 new culture centre in each area of BSG by 2030. These Culture Centres – the grand bastions of kosen-rufu - will enable many members to joyfully gather together across the country, giving great momentum to the kosen-rufu movement. As of now, the following centres/cities have been identified:

  1. i. Delhi - South ex (renovation) – already started
  2. ii. North India - Chandigarh (new)
  3. iii. East India - Bhubaneshwar (new)
  4. iv. South India - Hyderabad (new)
  5. v. West India - Mumbai (renovation) + Pune (new)

5. Growth of BSG Staff

The 5th point in BSG Vision 2030 is to appoint and raise many capable BSG Headquarters Staff who will contribute selflessly for the great growth of BSG. For this, we need your help in encouraging members and leaders to apply to become BSG Staff. Please contact Mr Dinesh Bhatnagar in BSG office at dinesh.bhatnagar@bharatsokagakkai.org.

6. Expansion of the Peace Culture Education Activities in Society

The 6th point in BSG Vision 2030 is for BSG to be actively present and contribute in the Indian society. Towards this, apart from other things, we will focus on two main points:

  1. i. Appropriate and wise presence in the social media
  2. ii. Further solidifying the ‘BSG for SDG’ initiative

All the above 6 goals can be achieved only when we strive with the same heart and spirit as Ikeda Sensei.

Ikeda Sensei says: “I have striven with my whole heart and being to protect our noble organization and our members. I have staunchly defended this organization that my mentor declared to be more precious than his own life. I have thoroughly safeguarded the great citadel of Soka, acting as a “roof” or “canopy” for our more than 10 million members. And I have done so in the spirit of a living extension of my mentor, a champion of selfless dedication to the Law, a flag bearer of truth and justice, and a disciple filled with eternal gratitude.” [The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin and The Mentor Disciple Relationship’, Pg. 151]

Imbibing this spirit of Ikeda Sensei, as Shin’ichi Yamamotos of BSG, let’s make a fresh determination in our own lives to give our whole heart and being to work for our noble organization and our precious members as living extensions of Ikeda Sensei.